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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)–Its not usual to see an inflatable Santa in someone’s yard this time of year. But what about the homes that are full of holiday cheer from top to bottom?

“We just love Christmas and that’s something we’ve always done- decorate. So most of the things we have here we’ve collected over the years,” says home owner Patty Morgan.

Like most enthusiasts, Patty has her favorites among her collection.

“Our best ones that we love is our nativity scenes. We love the nativities. What we want best is for people to feel comfortable in our house,” said Morgan.

Helen Grantham has been making Christmas decorations for over 15 years. Unlike most homes at Christmas time, every room in Helen’s home is full of homemade décor.

“I make most of my ornaments. I like just seeing something and trying to figure out what I can do with it. I make my ornaments out of coke cans, light bulbs, Christmas cards.”
Crafting is a favorite past time for Helen. Friends of hers bring all kinds of raw materials that Helen then turns into beautiful pieces of art.

“I look at my tree and know this came from Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Bett or whatever. Then I just enjoy it,” said Grantham.
Christmas cheer can be found high and low. But for these two ladies, they need not look further than their living room.
“Its just fun and we love that time for year,” said Morgan.

Both Patty Morgan and Helen Grantham have been decorating their homes for over two decades.

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