Homeowners voice concerns about the increase in street racing

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – It’s something you’ve probably seen many times–cars speeding down residential roadways.

Homeowners in East Columbus are concerned street racing in their neighborhood will leave someone hurt.

James and Gloria Rice follow a simple routine each morning. Wake up, drink coffee and listen to cars speeding down the road.

“The loud music is playing, the cars racing, the pictures bouncing off the wall because the music is so loud,” said Rice.

But they’ve had enough.

“They’ll fly through that stop sign like it’s not there. I’m concerned about the people running up and down. Alot of time I can back out the street and I’ve looked both ways and after I look straight I got a car on my tail,” said Rice.

The Rice’s tell WCBI people who don’t actually live in their neighborhood continue to use their street as a race lane going as fast as 70 miles per hour.

That’s 45 miles over the limit.

” We got kids now in little 4-wheelers that come up and down and the people don’t even stay over here. We have had at least seven wrecks since I’ve been here,” said Rice.

Columbus Police chief Fred Shelton assigned officers to patrol the area.

“We know that it’s happening and we do have officers in there and we are working to try and prevent and slow down the actions that are going on in east Columbus,” said Shelton.

Shelton says to document information to help track fast drivers.

“When you see it you need to pick up the phone, call 911 give us the description of the vehicle, their direction, and try to give us the tag number,” said Shelton.

Community members urge folks to report speeding so no one gets hurt.

“Our concern is for the whole body, not just us because this house doesn’t set on this block alone. We care. and if we have to keep talking then we will keep talking until we can get somebody to listen,” said Rice.

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