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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-We live in a busy world with many demands so it can be hard to slow down. One fair in Starkville is teaching children and adults to do just that.

In today’s fast pace world it can be hard to find a simpler place to go without spending lots of money. And for Starkville residents there is a place in THEIR OWN backyard known as the Mississippi Modern Homestead Fair.

The idea for the fair was created after Alison Buehler and her husband wanted to know more about their food.

“We just realized as parents that we knew very little about where our food came from and how it’s made and we really didn’t have very many skills. So we just became interested in it as a hobby and it grew from there,” says Alison Buehler.

Here at the Homestead fair many got the chance to see new things. Even for Mccarty Overby who held her first chicken.

“What was your favorite chicken?” The White chicken. “the White Chicken. Why was it your favorite?” Because it was really pretty,” says McCarty Overby.

And that was the same chicken Kenny Smith entered into a contest.

“We entered our chickens in the prettiest chicken contest. We just thought it would be fun,” says Kenny Smith.

Children weren’t the only ones to experience new things. Barry Critz had a chance to hammer away at a new hobby.

“I’ve always been interested in Blacksmithing and so just watching the blacksmithing demonstration they shove a hammer in your hand and let you hammer on some hot metal,” says Barry Critz.

Critz says this fair is way to remind children and adults about the simple living.

“I guess a lot of people don’t necessarily get exposed to some of the live stock and gardening opportunities so I think it’s a good educational experience particularly for children that maybe didn’t grow up in a rural atmosphere,” says Critz.

So no matter if you are an adult or a child chances are when you come to the Homestead fair…you will always learn something new.

If you would like more information log onto msmodernhomestead.com

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