Hopeful Hires Seeking Jobs

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Job fairs benefit job seekers and businesses.

Dozens of reasons bring hundreds of people to job fairs.

Overall, the unemployment rate across the state is low, but there are still plenty of people looking for jobs.


A different career path.

Whatever the reason may be, it brings active job seekers to the same place.

“I am just looking to find something new,” says Lavacious Pate.

Whether it’s looking to find something new or wanting to jump back into the working world again, like Jennifer Gaylor, who says she’s spent the last thirteen years at home raising her children.

“Pretty much, my kids are teenagers now, and we’re looking at retirement in two to six years, so I kind of want to pay off the car and that kind of stuff, so just kind of get bills down before we retire.”

Erika Christian is also ready to go back to work.

“I have one child and she is the highlight of my day, but it’s definitely something that, you know, contributing in anything I can to help out the household is always a plus.”

Carnell McGee Jr.’s last day on his previous job was last week.

He’s wanting to take a new path in his career.

“I’ve done paint and body work for so long and I am fixing to have my first child, so I am trying to get something a little bit more environmentally clean, you know, just trying to have a clean work environment and with paint and body work, of course, you can’t get away from the chemicals and things of that nature.”

Some hopeful hires came out to look for jobs because they’re new to the area.

That’s the case with native Californian Harmony Isaacson.

“Well, I only moved here last month, so I just settled in and got everything ready. So, I am just starting out, so, maybe like a week or two or so, and then I heard about this job fair and I was like what a great opportunity and I would love to come out and join.”

Brad Courtney says that’s what brought him to the fair too.

“You have more people coming into the area. I mean, you have people, it’s always good to put a resume out there, or you know, go through the application that way. You understand some of the things, the mechanics that’s involved in it.”

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