Inauguration ceremony held for 65th Governor of Mississippi


JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI)- Rain forces Governor Tate Reeves’ inauguration inside to the House of Representatives Tuesday.

This forced many people to watch from monitors set up in the rotunda, including the media.

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However, Mississippi Public Broadcasting aired the event live. WCBI cameras were rolling as Tate Reeves made his way into the house chambers with his family.

Media outlets were not allowed inside the gallery due to a lack of space. But the rain didn’t stop things from happening behind these doors. Tate Reeves was sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th governor.

Reeves was 29-years-old when he first took an oath in the State Capitol. He’s now making promises as Governor, that he says will be “For all Mississippi.

“Our priorities will be defending our culture that underpins our quality of life and growing the economy that lifts all of our families,” said Gov. Reeves.

Job development, education and the states brain drain were points Governor Reeves touched on during his speech. Reeves says the best way to solve problems for families to make sure the state offers great career opportunities.

“A growing, vibrant economy, solves more problems than any government giveaway ever could,” said Gov. Reeves.

Reeves promises a pay raise for every teacher and has also included a new mission.

“To give us more national board certified teacher per capita than any state in the nation.”

Reeves shared the story of how he and wife Elee met and decided to stay in their home state and raise their three girls here. He says the way to keep people here, is to make the state the best at innovation.

“We’ll do everything in our power to make sure that this is the easiest place in america to start and to grow a business,” said Gov. Reeves.