Insurance agencies are eager to help get people’s damages fixed

EUPORA, Miss. (WCBI)- The cold weather has left many stuck in their homes for the week; however being at home isn’t all that glamorous either.

Power outages and storm damage to vehicles and houses have been reported throughout the area. Insurance agents have had their work cut out for them, receiving calls about weather damage they’re not used to.

“I’ve had a limb fall on a truck right when the snow started like on Monday and I’ve had a collapsed awning,” said Eupora insurance agent Greg Pittman.

These are just some of the damages that insurance agents have seen since the ice storms took place Monday.

“I just noticed from my home office we’ve had 18 collapsed buildings in this golden triangle area since yesterday just through Alpha,” said Pittman.

Pittman felt that fallen branches weren’t because of the snow.

“We’re just not set for it like a lot of the places up north with regard to the snowplows and salting of the roads; usually the problem is the sleet and the freezing rain tends to do most of the damage the snow is not the issue,” said Pittman. 

Pittman hasn’t been faced with icy issues but has a process for when he is called upon.

“Once I get a call if it something local I go by and take pictures of it and I’ll send it to our claims adjuster over in the Columbus area and they’ll in return contact the customer and they’ll either go out of if there is an estimate already they’ll just go off that estimate and pay off the claim,” said Pittman. 

He even said that when people are faced with weather damages their rates won’t go up as opposed to damage that someone inflicts directly, and he offers tips for the customers wondering about the coverage.

” It just depends on the damage you know so if you have a 10,000 dollar structure and it collapses we’ll end up paying 9,000 and then the customer will be out just that deductible,” said Pittman. 

Pittman also encourages people to continue to stay safe as the roads and trees are still icy and to don’t hesitate to contact insurance companies.

“Don’t hit your brakes try to go at a smooth pace it doesn’t matter how quickly you get there as long as you get there safely. Take pictures if possible and just notify your insurance agent as quickly as possible,” said Pittman. 

Pittman is eager to help those who reach out and do his best to get everything fixed as quickly and as safely as possible.

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