JA Members Help Boys & Girls Clubbers Keep Up Reading Skills


TUPELO, Muss. (WCBI)- Children at Tupelo’s Haven Acres Boys and Girls Club have had a special group of volunteers helping them with reading skills.

Provisional members of the Tupelo Junior Auxiliary have spent the past three weeks working with children at the boys and girls club.

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JA members work in small groups with the children, helping kids with reading comprehension, spelling, phonics, and other vital skills.

Young people get to improve their reading while JA members make many new friends.

“My favorite thing about this so far is just the relationships, I’ve built with the children here, I am hoping I get to see them more than over these past three weeks because the children here are so precious and so loving and it has been the highlight of my summer to be here,” said Emily Addison, a Provisional member of the Tupelo Junior Auxiliary.

“In the summer, kids can regress a little bit in their education, called the summer slide, we want to help these students not regress, we hope by being out here these three weeks, twelve days, we hope we have made an impact in their summer learning,” said Marissa Rambo, who helps with the reading program at The Orchard Church.

Tupelo’s The Orchard Church is also involved in the reading program.

Twenty Junior Auxiliary members have contributed more than 300 hours to the initiative in the past three weeks.