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COLUMBUS, Miss. – (WCBI) The outrage surrounding the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial poured in the streets of Columbus Monday evening.

The peaceful demonstration began at the Lowndes County Courthouse in downtown Columbus.

The march crossed Main Street, down 5th Street South onto College Street.

The protestors were equipped with signs, demanding justice for Trayvon Martin.

Martin was the Florida teen gun shot to death by neighborhood watchman George Zimmeran.

Zimmerman was found not guilty Saturday.

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  • GeTReaL

    These people marching have no clue what they are protesting other than “its the cool thing to do”. They didnt take the time themselves to watch any of the trial online. And see the Prosecution’s witnesses fumble around, lie, write false letters, change their stories….ect. Zimmerman never faltered and never changed his story as to what happened. The only ones making this and pushing this as a race thing is the MEDIA and ignorant people like these.

  • Ed

    Trayvon got the justic he deserved….PERIOD!!!!
    If this country cut off the welfare these protest during the work week wouldn’t happen……cut it off, cut it all off. Get off the couch, turn the TV off, stop watching opie. If the blacks had to work the butts would be smaller….

  • Mont

    Ed, when did this become a race issue? That’s not what it’s about. It’s about justice for a person killing an innocent child. There were more than blacks out there protesting on Monday and the blacks that were out there more than likely work and make more money that you do. Clearly, you are the RACIST one.

  • sweet t

    what do you mean he got the justice he deserved? don’t nobody deserved to be killed, and by a person walking down a public street going to the store is not justice, stop looking at the color of someone skin and think about whats right.and there are more white people on welfare and drugs then black people, ride down the streets and you will see white people with signs saying they need food and money. they need to get a job, and lose weight, maybe i want have to pay so many taxes taking care of them. I’m so sick and tired of people looking at the color of someone skin and say all this negtive things about someone just say right is right and wrong is wrong

  • Jane BLACK


    You are ignorant!!! if someone killed your child would you say the same thing? PERIOD!!! Do some research and you will find out that there are more WHITES on Welfare than any other race so I guess they do need to CUT IT OFF, CUT IT OFF!!

  • So Sad

    I pray you are NOT a parent and are never having hopes to be. That’s a scary statement you posted. Karma is a B!@#$ and when she bites, she bites.

  • B

    For 1..the blacks are not the only people that are protesting “Justice for Trayvon”….blacks are not the only people in the world that are overweight. Just because you protest for something that you believe in does not mean that you are unemployed or on welfare. As far as Trayvon geting what he deserved…that is your opinion…Ignorance is every where and this was far most the most inappropriate remark anyone could have made concerning the death of a 17 year old child. If this happened to someone in your family or close to you..then you might feel a little different. As for GetReal…from the beginning to the end the facts of ALL the stories changed even for Zimmerman…if he would have testified I guarantee the story would NOT have been the same because the stories changed during his interviews….Now I watched the trial from the beginning to the end….and I am in the Military full-time….work every day…and I never placed judgement on anyone…and for people to get on a public news website and do so…I feel like you are wrong.

  • Marching On

    Initially, I wasn’t going to respond to the ignorance above, but there was a shaking in my spirit that would not allow me to remain mute. I’m unaware of what trial you may have tuned into or what case you may have studied, but Zimmerman did absolutely nothing, but lie, backtrack, falsify and spew or fallacies that any human with the smallest iota of common sense could see straight through. Oh, and are we speaking on welfare? The same welfare that statistically provides more for YOUR families than it does for ours. Stop feeding into stereotypes and educate yourselves as you say we should. The people that marched are all employed, taxpaying citizens who put in a full day’s work and then stood up for a cause that sits firmly in their soul. While you sit home casting out stones of judgment and assumption, what have you two done for your community today? yesterday? Last week? Last month? Last year? I’ll wait! If you feel marching and protesting is in vain, you’re entitled to your opinion, but it won’t stop anything. We’ll march again! Not only do we march for Trayvon, but we march for our sons. We’re issuing notice that our boys will NOT fall victim to a society that doesn’t care about them and that any injustice will not be taken lightly in Lowndes County. The generation that you despise will no longer sit and shut up! So, talk as you will because you canNOT and will NOT STOP US!

    Oh. By the way, our butts are curvaceous because of our ancestry and lineage. Take it up with God that your rumps are mere floorboards. And if working had anything to do with size our ancestors wouldn’t have been curvaceous after they worked hard in fields, breastfeeding and rocking and raising your babies. with that said, be blessed!

  • Katherine Miller

    Too BOTH of these comments I say, “Come Lord Jesus Come”!!!!!
    When they look upon your face they will realize that you don’t have blue eyes and blonde hair!!!!!

  • Lisa

    How could Zimmerman change his story ….he didn’t want to take the stand?

  • lisa

    What about the white’s that don’t work

  • LOL@U

    Some people are so ignorant to the things that they post online. Not all white people are honest and not all black people are on welfare or are lazy. It shows how in the year 2013 that some people are still racist. Ed’s comments about black’s butts would be smaller you are funny lets talk about the Meth-Heads or maybe the Drunk drivers, or would you like to talk about the white predators? Everything is not about race. I see some are still the GOOD OLE BOY’s but the thing about it now a days young America is not scared like the older America is if it takes one young African American to get killed so be it. I bet you know thing These so Called Zimmerman’s cant kill them all.

  • mj

    I want to know how there ignorant ? There marching for justice if it was your son, or ect you would want the same . What you guys dont undERSTAND
    is that a young man life was taken . R.I.P TRAYVON MARTIN

  • jmtgirls

    No trayvon didn’t get the justice he deserved if you got kids then your story would be different that was a innocent child and for you to say that then you must really don’t have a heart and its not just BLACKS on welfare it whites hispanics mexicans chinese etc on welfare so i guess they need to get up and get off the couch turn off the tv and do something with their self

  • ed

    I wish they would cut off “ALL” welfare, to both blacks and whites. Either you work or you do without. I for one am tired of paying taxes for welfare.
    My child wouldn’t be walking through a place he didn’t belong, they wouldn’t be walking with a hoody on their heads in an area filled with crime. He had no business being there, he didn’t live there and neither did his parents. If he had been home where he should be he may still be alive.

    If you were working you wouldn’t be able to march…….

  • shawn

    Feel bad a young man is dead. However, he did have criminal record for drugs. The picture that is shown on TV is when he was 12 not 17. The court has ruled and if you agree or disagree he was found Not Guilty. You can be mad, sad, glad, or whatever. I have to ask to all the people out there, what about the children in Chicago that are killed everyday or in New York, and other places. Keep in mind that the major talkers are trying to make this political and it should not be.

  • TJ

    Anybody that is pointing fingers on whites or blacks is wrong no matter what you’re saying. This is a sad day in America when race is trying to sneak it’s way back into factor of peoples characters or decisions. There’s blacks killing white people blacks killing black people and white people killing black and white people as well. This case had nothing to do with whether or not the victim or suspect was white or black it’s about the youth of our country being murdered point blank. The faster people understand that the faster we can all come together as AMERICANS and try to make this Country a better safer Country for our up and coming generations. That being said, our justice system is what it is me nor anybody else can change that. If they found him innocent then he’s innocent per the justice system and I understand people will have their own opinions on whether he is innocent or not, but we aren’t the deciding factors. Let’s just all come together as Americans and pray for the family of young Trayvon Martin and up left them in our prayers for their comfort, peace and understanding from the great creator of all races GOD ALMIGHTY!!

  • ed

    It was a race issue that forced it to trial……nothing more, nothing less.

  • Marching On

    Actually his dad lived in the neighborhood AND it was raining. Obviously you haven’t watched the trial orthe case therefore, you shouldn’t speak on it. And you spoke on blacks being on welfare, not whites.

  • White male

    Zimmerman was wrong and he knows he was wrong and I’m sure if he could go back I hope he would have handled it differently. People are cruel from every nation, color, and ethnicity. We can’t complain about blacks on welfare if we have student loans for college from the Government. We all use to government in some way or another. God will handle those who are the drains on society and the murderers. He is sufficient enough! Something to think about… What did Zimmerman expect police to do to Trayvon when they got on scene? All they could tell him is to go home. He wasn’t breaking ANY laws by walking on the street. Now the marijuana they would have found on him could get him some jail time but he was profiled.

  • GetTheFacts

    ” I’m unaware of what trial you may have tuned into or what case you may have studied, but Zimmerman did absolutely nothing, but lie, backtrack, falsify and spew or fallacies that any human with the smallest iota of common sense could see straight through.” Ummmm… Zimmerman didn’t testify so he couldn’t have done ANY of those things.. And I’m sick of hearing about the “innocent child”. He smoked weed and was trying to buy a gun, which is illegal at 17. He had Zimmerman on the ground punching his face and slamming his head into the concrete. The police agreed it was self-defense and a jury agreed it was self-defense. The FBI investigated and found that there was no racism involved. Do some research. Get your facts straight.

  • GetReal

    So why then are we not seeing protests and marching for the 5 children that were killed in Chicago between the time Zimmerman was charged and his trial date? What about those kids? Where is justice for them? Where are the masses gathering for them? Where is the media? You wont see it because it was their own race that killed them. Why is that any different….they were still children?

  • B

    GetReal all of this is YOUR opinion….How do you know Zimmerman did nothing wrong…How do you know he was slamming Zimmerman head against the concrete…are you a physic? He didn’t testify because defense knew that it would not be a good idea…they saved his butt!!! Nobody knows what happened from point A to point B of what exactly happened but Trayvon who is dead and Zimmerman who didnt testify…Honestly it’s time to let this child RIP!!!

  • Marching On

    Get The Facts, NO he didn’t testify, but were his statements not given throughout the trial. Were his recounts of the night not repeated throughout and examination? Weren’t 911 tapes with his voice played repeatedly? Correct me when i’m wrong! …still waiting! And THE FACT still remains that he was am innocent child. What was he doing to.George? Absolutely nothing. If anybody got what they deserved it was George. A stranger followed him in a car, then when he ran the person from the car gets out and chases him. I would beat him up, too! There are rapists, kidnappers and pedophiles harassing kids daily. What did he expect to happen? And of course you want Trayvon to be a thug, because it would make it right, huh? Marijuana was not going to make him fight. The point is he DIDN’T have a gun. If anyone was defending themselves it was Trayvon. Maybe if he had a gun he would be alive to tell his side!

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