Lawmaker Puts NCAA On Notice


JACKSON (WCBI) – One state lawmaker says the NCAA needs to move faster if it investigates any Mississippi school.



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Representative Trey Lamar is pushing a bill giving the NCAA one year to complete its investigation once it notifies a school of possible rules violations.  The measure would force the NCAA to deliver its official Notice of Allegations within six months of the day it sends a school a preliminary letter of inquiry.  If the sports governing body does not hold a hearing and hand out punishments within one year, the state would fine the NCAA $10,000 a day until a final ruling is made.  Lamar represents House District 8 that covers Tate and portions of Lafayette County.   Lamar’s bill comes at a time Ole Miss is under NCAA investigation for rules violations in its football program. Those allegations were formally filed in January 2016 but the NCAA has yet to schedule a hearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions.