Leadership Conference At Mississippi State University Encourages High School Students

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – High School students throughout Mississippi and the United States, spent the weekend learning how to become a leader.

The Mississippi State University Zacharias Conference is using scavenger hunts, team building games and guest speakers to teach leadership skills to junior and senior high school students.

“If you’re the leader to not just leave the alone person in the corner but to really encourage them. Get behind them and encourage them to keep going. Just to find their strengths and weaknesses to encourage them in that. Whatever their strengths are to push them even harder to do more than just ten percent or one hundred percent just do their best,” says Celine Brazeal.

Educators used the opportunity to encourage students to expand their awareness about local and global issues.

“There are so many issues and problems and things going on in the world. You don’t just have to see it happening, you can make a difference. You can find a solution and figure out a way to get other people on board to solve that,” says Holly Travis.

Approximately, 115 students attended this year’s conference.


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