Hundreds of kids become entrepreneurs.


OKTIBBEHA/LOWNDES/CLAY COUNTY,Miss.(WCBI)-Well you know what they say..When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The 2nd-Annual Lemonade Day kicked off throughout the Golden Triangle.

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This event lets kids be their own boss for a day.

Over 300 kids got out their parents pitchers and set out to create their own take on lemonade.

Some kids tried something new with different flavors of lemonade and some homemade treats for sell too.

Throughout the Golden Triangle, 94 lemonade stands are lining up to give out a sweet treat.

But this isn’t a coincidence…It’s the 2nd-Annual Lemonade Day.

” We worked on this together for the whole week,” said participant Jake Gimmall.

Gimmall, along with other future entrepreneurs signed up to participate.

Director of MSU Outreach College of Business Jeffrey Rupp says Lemonade Day is designed to teach a real-world experience, operating a business, and financial literacy.

“We tell the kids to do three things with the money. Spend some because you worked for it, save some because that’s smart ,and share some,” said Rupp.

And that’s what they did.

Spend it, save it, and share it.

Jaden Claire Everett participated last year. She says her profit allowed her to take a trip.

” I had enough money to go to Paris,” said Everett.

Ka’Nia Lucious says some of her earning will go to charity.

” I’m donating some to church, Saint Jude’s hospital ,and I’m keeping some,” said Lucious.

And Taylor Rice is already thinking ahead for his future.

“Save it for college,” Rice.

But it wouldn’t be possible without community support.

Even with different flavors of lemonade and homemade treats, it all comes down to the customers.

” It’s bigger than that. This doesn’t work unless the community gets out and supports it and that’s overwhelming. Some of these kids last year made over $500 at the little stands and that wouldn’t have happened without the community support,” said Rupp.

Last year Lemonade Day was only in Starkville. This year it expanded it’s reach and covered the entire Golden Triangle.