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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- The city of Starkville is looking to add to its police force, but, being a cop seems to be getting tougher every day.

One year ago Charles Jordan was selling cell phones, but he wanted more than that.

The new Starkville police officer said he wants to be a leader in his community and help be a part of the solution to today’s problems. That’s when he decided to wear the badge.

“Being a police officer is more than just arresting somebody, it’s more than just answering calls, it’s about just being there as a person to show people that I’m human just like you, and just like you have your downfalls, I’ve got my downfalls too,” said Jordan, Starkville patrolman.

After only a few months of patrolling the streets, Jordan said every day and every call is different.

“There’s those things in which you expect, then there are those things that you never seem to have expected, but there’s always a learning experience, in law enforcement you’re always gonna learn,” said Jordan.

Since he’s put on his badge, Jordan said his life has changed some but not very much.

“Whenever you love what you’re doing, I don’t look at being a police officer as a job, I look at it as being a ministry, I look at it as an opportunity to give back, so whenever you look at it from that perspective where it’s not something where you’re clocking in and clocking out each day it becomes easier to do,” he said.

However, he’s more cautious.

Jordan has been on the force for seven months now.

His duty sometimes calls for him to be more than just an officer, sometimes he’s a mentor, a protector, and even a friend.

However, he doesn’t consider that asking for too much because being an officer means providing service 24/7.

“It keeps you on your P’s and Q’s as far as making sure that you’re being the person that you should be, making sure that you’re walking in the right way so that people will actually see that you’re here to serve,” said Jordan.

Jordan is also a husband and a father.

He said staying true to himself and grounded in faith is the balance he uses to wear the blue.

“I’m always being protective of the citizens so I’m protecting my family the same way. me personally, I think that’s being a person of service so I wouldn’t say that it’s asking for too much. Whenever you’re in a position where you serve people, you’ve got to be looking to do whatever it takes,” said Jordan.

Some law enforcement agencies say fewer people are applying and it’s harder to find quality applicants for the job.

If anyone is interested in applying for a police officer position with the Starkville Police Department, visit for more information.




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