“Litterless Louisville” campaign proving successful

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WTOK) – Louisville city officials are encouraging citizens to get involved in a community-wide cleanup campaign they’re calling Litterless Louisville.

“Litterless Louisville may be a catchy name but we hope it’s effective and not just being catchy, and not just a name, or slogan, but inspires folks to understand that we do have a litter problem,” says Mayor Will Hill.

Hill says the campaign is already proving successful, especially among students.

“Thanks to school administrations, I’ve been able to speak to the student body at Winston Academy, Louisville High School athletics and the schools. We really want to treat it as a little bit of a rivalry, but most importantly it’s about community and everyone is in this together. This is our community,” says Hill.

Jykeveous Hibbler, Niselbyion Kirk and Kristian Hopkins are all 11th graders at Louisville High School. The three football players say the campaign has inspired them to get out and clean up their community.

“I think it’s important to keep Louisville clean, because this is our home and we really love our community. If we kept it clean, it would really show our appreciation for what we have here. I know it’s a small town, but we’re trying to do big things,” says Hopkins.

“If we were to blast it on social media, people would be more likely to get into it, because it starts little. But if people endorse it, it can start to get big,” says Kirk.

“You know football is really the main thing around here and if kids our age seeing us out there cleaning the community is going to encourage them to come help us,” says Hibbler.

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