Local businesses are donating to support Ackerman Police Department

ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI) — Local police departments rely on their city leaders to determine budgets for the year.

But declining sales tax revenues and a bumpy economy have most towns tightening their belts and cutting their budgets.

It takes funding to keep equipment updated. And, the Ackerman police department has struggled to stretch every dollar.

“Well, we’re a small department so small budget so a lot of stuff that we couldn’t get for the officers, these donations have been able to get that stuff for them to help the officers out,” said Ackerman Police Chief Tim Cook.

With the help of the community, Cook said the department is now able to upgrade police uniforms, tools, equipment, and even add a new copier.

Around 25 businesses have donated to the police department, but right here at Alpha is where the donations started.

Alpha insurance agent Dakota Brasher said the idea started from talking with the assistant chief Martha Caradine.

“Me and her through conversation thought hey I can help out in any way possible with getting a little money, and maybe some other folks will too, and it just kind of took off from there,” said Brasher.

People have helped. In just two months, the donations jumped from $500 to $5,300.

Cooks said the generosity of the community has brought Ackerman closer.

“People just supporting the police department and the police, and that gives us an even greater relationship with the public,” said Cook.

“Everybody is going to take care of everybody, and this is just another deal where you see so many things going on that’s negative, and then you come to Ackerman where you see the community members giving back to the first responders and the police department and it just kind of shows you the representation our city means and what it means to people,” said Brasher.

To share the love, The Ackerman Police Department gives facebook shoutouts to businesses that have given them donations.

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