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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- Rusty Merry-Go-Rounds, muddy playgrounds, and broken swing sets are just some of the things that disgusts radio DJ Greg McMicheals every time he comes to General Lee Young Park. he says it’s in need of a face lift.

“It’s not a walk in the park, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. The way this park looks, it attracts drug activity, it attracts just a negative vibe throughout the community. It’s just a hazard,” said McMicheals.

A hazard that no kid should play in.

“I can bring my son down here, but there’s not a lot to do..I would actually have to take him out to Columbus for better facilities,” said McMicheals.

McMicheals believes there are so many things wrong with the park, kids can get their hands stuck in the broken benches, they call fall off the monkey bars since it doesn’t have a ladder, or they can break their ankle by walking across a bridge that leads into a pothole.

“From the fence, looks like it’s partially tore up. The basketball goal is leaning over and the park benches are not suitable. Asphalt looks like it needs to be re-paved. It’s just not a habitable place for kids,” said McMicheals.

McMicheals wants Aberdeen leaders and the community to come together and make an effort to improve the area for the next generation.

“What the city needs to do is come together and come up with a plan where we can get some good facilities for the kids to play. Let’s repair this park. Think about these kids, they have to have a place to grow up,” said McMicheals.

He also thinks the dilapidated park is also an insult to it’s namesake: General Lee Young who fought for equal rights during the civil rights movement.


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