Local Farmer Seeing Double with New Calves

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OKOLONA, Miss. (WCBI) — Ole Mcdonald had a farm with many animals, but I bet he didn’t have twin calves on his, but an Okolona farmer does now. Farmer Odell Bowens was surprised with twin calves Friday.

Humans having twins is considered rare, but cows having twins is even more rare according to the farmer.

“Very rare, but I’ve been blessed. I’ve had this two years in a row. I had a cow last year have twins and a cow this year have twins and they are different cows.”

Sadly only one twin from last years’ pair survived. It will take a few days to see if they both make it; by how they move around.

“I’m hoping that both of these live because they are very aggressive and active. Normally when you have twins, one of them is kind of slower than the other, but both of these here are very active as you can see.”

Most animals who have twins tend to have a favorite, but this mama cow shows equal love to both.

“Believe it or not normally when they have twins, they’ll take up to one and walk off and leave the other, but for some reason she took both of them.”

The farmer is thankful for the twins and has a strong feeling that they will be together as they grow up.

“I just think God gonna bless us with both of them and gonna live.”

If both twins survive, Farmer Bowens plans on keeping both of them.

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