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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) Johnson Thomasson has always felt at home behind the camera.

“My first brush with filmmaking came when I was about 8 years old. I lived in the Delta and I was biking around a hot, summer day. Stumbled on the set of John Grisham’s “The Chamber,” just in time to see them blow up a downtown law office so I saw a huge fire ball, bricks and glass coming down on the street. That was my first impression of filmmaking and it looked like the coolest job in the world to an 8 year old boy,” said Thomasson.

That childhood dream then became an adult reality. Johnson graduated from Mississippi State and since then he’s written and directed nearly 12 short films. He’ll soon premier his new movie “Headrush.”

“Headrush” is a 45 minute film about a young boy who is a PhD student in biochemistry. He studies the chemistry of death and his theory is that death is a disease like cancer or AIDS. He and his professor, Dr. Abrams, believes they are nearing the discovery for the cure for death. I think “Headrush” is thought provoking as well as thrilling and i’m really proud of it,” said Thomasson.

Filmed in the Magnolia State, its only fitting the first showing will be in Tupelo. He’ll then travel to Starkville, Madison and Oxford. Johnson says the independent film industry is growing in our state and hopes this trend will continue.

“I think it’s important for Mississippians to support the arts. One thing I always say is Mississippi is known for its artist and writers and why shouldn’t we be known for our filmmakers as well,” said Thomasson.

Johnson Thomasson has a bright future ahead. This summer, he was accepted into the graduate film program at University of Southern California. He’ll begin taking classes next year.


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