Local leaders decide whether to keep mask ordinance in place

CHOCTAW/CLAY COUNTIES,Miss.(WCBI)- Mask or no mask?

Many people remain confused following Governor Tate Reeves decision to lift the statewide mask mandate.

Many towns and county governments are still looking at what they believe will best serve their citizens.

Local leaders have the option to continue a mask ordinance.

Some say it’s important to keep face coverings, others says it’s time to take them off.

“It saves people’s lives,” said West Point Mayor Robbie Robinson.

Robinson says community members will keep their masks on.

After the governor eased mask regulations, Robinson says the city’s decision won’t change until Covid-19 numbers decrease.

“The city of West Point adopted our mask ordinance July 7th of this year and it should remain in effect until the board rescinds it. There no talk or discussion to resend so it’s in effect,” said Robinson.

According to the Mississippi Department of Health, Clay County has reported 626 positive cases since March.

“I personally think that masks work and I’m totally against the removing of the mask ordinance. It needs to continue and I hope it will,” said Robinson.

But not all city governments are under the same protocol.

Ackerman Mayor Tim Cutts says with a population under 1,500 people, masks won’t be enforced.

“We are a rural county and we are spread out pretty good for the most part. We do come together at times but we felt like there was really no need to have a mask mandate in Ackerman at this time,” said Cutts.

He also says infections are low.

“We don’t have the numbers so basically it’s not really smart to be walking around with a mask cause I’ll tell you it’s really not smart to just be walking around with mask on. You’re hurting yourself. We’ll follow it and adjust if we need to but you know the numbers are not there to emphasize that,” said Cutts.

Robinson and Cutts agree everyone should continue to use safety practices.

“Follow precautionary things that you’ve been taught for six months. Cough into your elbow, definitely always use the sanitizer cleaning. Stay away from folks that look like they’re sick,” said Cutts.

“Every county can do exactly what they please, I’m not going to tell them how to do it. What they should of I think they should follow their dictates. Follow their hears and follows the signs,” said Robinson.

Whether a city is under a mask ordinance or not, the Governor says every school, salon, barbershop, and close contact business should wear a mask.

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