Local Madden Tournament

By: David Carroll

WEST POINT, Miss.(WCBI)—Madden, video gamers know the name all too well.

And to celebrate the release of the games twenty-seventh- installment. The West Wal-Mart hosted a Madden tournament.

Local gamers had the opportunity to show off and test their skill and a chance to win a copy of the highly successful video game.Walmart says the tournament is not designed to boost sales but a simple away to show its customers how much they are valued.

“We really wanted to give back to the customers…we appreciate our customers coming and shopping here at the West Point Walmart so we just kinda wanted to do something to show our appreciation were they can come and enjoy themselves instead of just spending money.” said, Walmart Employee, Steven Price.

Last year’s installment, madden 16, was the second best selling video game of 2015.

The West Point Walmart hopes the tournament becomes an annual event.

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