Local official urge people to vote for primary elections in their community

NORTH MISSISSIPPI. (WCBI)- Local municipal elections are April 6, 2021. These elections are vital for the growth of the community, and the day-to-day operations of cities and towns. Bringing people’s attention to city elections is always a challenge, officials want people to know why it is important to get out and vote.

“It’s vital for the community that we have a competent, capable, qualified person in the office of mayor and of each of our city council positions,” said Mayor Jason Shelton of Tupelo.

Local primary elections for mayor and city leaders are set for towns throughout the area, and while many people vote during the presidential election, local leaders feel their city elections are just as important.

“People get caught up in state and national elections and they’re certainly important, but the mayor and city council here in Tupelo has more of an impact on citizens’ daily lives than any of those state or national officials,” said Shelton.

Shelton said that many people aren’t concerned about elected city positions until something goes wrong.

“You don’t really think of if the stoplights working or you know if the water’s working on my street or whatever until something goes wrong, but it’s your local official’s job every day to make sure that everything in the city is functioning smoothly,” said Shelton.

Shelton, along with Columbus Ward 5 councilman Stephen Jones, wants people to know and understand some of the decisions where city officials play a role.

“From safe neighborhoods to local economic development, job opportunities, quality of life opportunities those are all controlled here at the local level,” said Shelton

“It all comes down to money. Whether it’s from police, the fire department, your roads, you know, whatever needs improvement in your area they’re the ones that make those decisions,” said Jones.

After talking with about 30 people in Columbus surprisingly no one knew anything about the upcoming elections.

“The mayor’s race the council races don’t get as much attention and then the candidates can’t really afford to have a daily piece of mail in your mailbox or you know none stop commercials on television,” said Shelton.

Jones said it’s not too late to learn about the candidates in your community.

“Learn about the candidates, you know, and don’t just vote for somebody because somebody tells you that’s who you should vote for you know do your research and learn and see what those candidates are about and then you support the candidate that best going to fit what you support,” said Jones.

Both Jones and Shelton say that people have a right to vote and should use their vote to get the best candidates in the right position in their community. Runoff elections are scheduled for April 27, 2021, with general elections being in June.

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