Local residents frustrated with trying to file for unemployment


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The impact of the coronavirus has forced many companies to shut down for the time being.

Leaving millions of workers with no income coming in.

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As of Thursday, the latest number of unemployment claims was over three million Americans, according to the US Department of Labor.

That number has hit home for many Mississippians.

Restaurants have been hit really hard, and waitresses like Ashton May, felt the pain.

“It worries me you know I just try to remember that a lot of people out there going to the same thing we are all in this together you know I’m just keep praying that it gets better quick you know that this will all go away soon,” said May.

May added that losing a job she loved at the Ranch House in Columbus was bad enough.

But filing for unemployment has been a disaster.

“I never got any body on the phone,” said May. “I waited for an hour and 32 minutes one time and they hung up on me. And that was super frustrating and then 31 minutes another time they hung up on me and then two hours and two minutes I waited and I was so aggravated that I hung up.”

Columbus resident Charles Cloinger said he was given multiple numbers to call for unemployment.

“Even the phone number,” said Cloinger. “I got four different numbers to call for the unemployment office or whatever and they’re telling me to call and none of them they all Beep beep beep. they’re all like busy or something and then someone texted back saying they had nothing to do with unemployment.”

Cloinger said it’s a frustrating time for him and his wife because money is running out.

“It’s been kind of hard, you know getting food and stuff. But we got rent paid and you know I keep my bills paid on top. But right now we’re down to two maybe a few hundred dollars and we can’t even get unemployment. And our vehicles are also breaking down.”