Local travel agents are thrilled to see their clients ready to take trips again

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Summertime means vacation, and for many travelers, this is the time to hit the road. However; the widespread delta variant of COVID-19 comes with caution about crowds and public spaces. Local travel agents are seeing their clients ease back into their favorite vacation spots. Whether it’s hitting the road, sky, or ocean most people are eager to get out of town. Travel agents like Kelly McKellar saw little to no business during 2020 and have rebounded in 2021. “I have slowly brought my business back up to an operating level where it’s back to where I would say normal at least 90 percent of what I was booking before I’m booking now so I feel confident that travel is back,” said McKellar. Mckellar said that her clients are not fearful of flights because the airlines still require safety measures like wearing masks, but fewer people want to get on a cruise. “Cruising has been a little slow just because here lately we’ve you know seen cruises start up again and so I think people want to see that it’s back going like it was before they book,” said McKellar. If cruisers are vaccinated; they don’t have to worry. “For cruise lines, you don’t have to do all the tests that you would normally have to do. Test before, test during, and test after if you have the vaccine you’re cleared to get on the ship with just that card,” said McKellar Seeing people enjoy time with loved ones on memorable trips is what Mckellar and other travel agents want to see; so they encourage people to find an agent who fits them and be careful in all areas while booking a vacation. “Take travel protection out that’s just cautious it’s a good thing to do anyway and if you know your trip was to cancel or something were to come up you have that safety net to catch you,” said McKellar. McKellar said most cruise lines are expected to begin running by August 2021.

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