Locally Produced Reality Show

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TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- When you think reality TV you probably think Hollywood, New York, or New Jersey, but now, Tupelo should come to mind.

One local couple from Tupelo is bringing its positive lifestyle to the TV screen in a locally produced reality show, to try and provide a new perspective of the industry.

“It’s pretty much selling a dream and selling lies to our youth now,” Christian Sargent said that’s what  current reality TV is doing.

Now, she and her husband are trying to change that.

“Our desire is to display a healthy standard of marriage and family,” Cortney Sargent said.

That’s the message Christian and Cortney Sargent is sending out in their  locally  produced reality TV show “Life with Cortney and Christian.

“You don’t have to be what you see on all of the other shows that’s out there, so this is real reality TV, it’s not scripted, or us putting on a front.  The moment it becomes scripted ,is the moment I’m not interested, because that’s not real,” Sargent said.

The show casts a married couple raising their newborn son and doing it the Christian way.

“They decided to fall in love, get married, establish themselves financially, and with their careers, and then have a baby.  In that order. and then going out and living a christian life and having fun with it, and those are things you don’t see everyday,” executive producer Allen Peagues said.

The show unscripted is based on the couple’s normal everyday lives.

The couple said it was an easy transition switching over to the big screen simply because they’re being themselves.

“It’s fun, I forget sometimes.  You’re just being who you are and allowing a camera and  a little inside view, along with hundred’s of other people,” Sargent said.

Executive Producer Allen Peagues, said with all of the negativity shown on TV, its vital to have a reality show that’s spreading a positive message for the youth to follow.

“You can only aspire to be what you have seen.  Young people can only reach for goals that they have seen.

With this show the Sargent’s are hoping to encourage its audience and let everyone know they can live the right way, while still having fun.

“I wanna be something like, WOW, I can do that, that’s attainable I can have a whole family, I can have a husband that loves me, I can have a real career, I can have true success in my happiness, and that’s what we want to show forth,” Sargent said.

“Life with Cortney and Christian airs every Sunday at 7 p.m. on the premium network which is comcast channel 198 shown in Tupelo, West Point and Fulton.

If you’re not in any of these viewing areas you can visit their YouTube channel and view online.


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