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[bitsontherun X5lgQdGv]CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – You break the law.

You face jail time.

But once a person is booked into the county jail, that county becomes responsible for him.

That inmate could wait years to stand trial, and his bond could be set so high, that he can’t pay it.

Taxpayers across Mississippi spend millions of dollars a year to house, feed and provide medical care for those inmates.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott says, ” We have hired a jail nurse, and we also have contracted one of our local physicians, that’s helping him. It’s taking some of our costs as far as medical, but again it is a major cost to taxpayers as far of having to take care of medical and dental needs.”

A murder suspect in Clay County has been in custody since 2007.

He is awaiting mental evaluation before he stands trial.

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