Long-time Louisville Police Officer fired after 2-month investigation into reports he was improperly giving people rides in his patrol car

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Tuesday night, the Louisville Board of Aldermen voted to fire Officer Ty Hardin of the Louisville Police Department for multiple violations of city and police department rules.

“The accusations are still under investigation and most likely, we’re going to pass this on to an outside agency,” says Louisville Police Chief Sean Holdiness.

That’s where Chief Holdiness says things stand after the board voted to dismiss Officer Hardin based on his recommendation.

The decision comes as the result of an internal investigation involving the 30-year-old officer over the past several months.

Chief Holdiness and Mayor Will Hill say the investigation uncovered violations of policies and procedures for both LPD and the city.

“Violations plural,” Mayor Hill says. “I am not at liberty to discuss as things that are in executive session are personnel-related.”

Chief Holdiness says the investigation began in July after witnesses came forward regarding Hardin’s actions.

“Specifically, transportation of other persons in their patrol car,” he says.

After discussing the matter in a closed session, the board voted 3-2 to terminate Officer Hardin, a nearly 8-year veteran with the police force.

“Difficult decisions at times have to be made,” Mayor Hill says. “But there are expectations, there are criteria, policies and procedures in place to protect the city of Louisville. To protect the integrity of the city of Louisville.”

While Chief Holdiness called the situation heartbreaking, he says it’s even more important that law enforcement be held to the highest standard.

“Be above and beyond what the normal public would be expected to do,” he says.

Hardin still currently serves as Winston County Constable. Chief Holdiness could not release any information on whether or not charges could be filed against Hardin at this time.

“It’s unfortunate that it has come to this, but it is a decision that has been made in the best interest of the city of Louisville,” Mayor Hill says.

WCBI reached out to the Mississippi Constables Association for comment on Hardin and they recommended contacting the Winston County Justice Court. They have not responded at this time.

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