Lottery sales have skyrocketed with an increased winnings

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Usually it’s just fun and games, but this week, there’s some serious money up for grab.

The mega millions jackpot is $750 million dollars.

And while that could change the bottom line of some Mississippi families, stores that sell lottery tickets are seeing an increase in customers.

“If I played myself and won the 750 I don’t know how I’d react I think I’d just pass out right here,” said King Court store manager Audrianna Gandy.

“I might just pass out and just wake back up you know happy and stuff,” said Albert Davis Jr.

“Happy I mean that’s about it you know the excitement you know joyful,” said Dwayne Jones

A big win means big reactions. Money may not buy happiness, but these local people say it sure would help.

Playing this lottery requires no skill or technique. It’s just a matter of getting lucky

“Sometimes you get lucky and I feel that I’ll get lucky one day,” said Davis.

“They say its one out of a million you might strike and hit the lottery you never know until you just keep playing,” said Jones

The rise in the number of lottery ticket sales means the winning numbers are out there somewhere, but Gandy feels that it’s not too far from home.

“On a daily, I say we have more than about 500 customers a day getting these tickets I mean throughout the day that’s tickets, tickets, tickets, tickets, tickets,” said Gandy

“The 750 million is still out there I feel like they have a good chance of winning it here at King Court,” said Gandy

These customers are hopeful about their chance to win the jackpot and plan to put the money to good and selfless use.

“I’d take care of my family first and all of the people that I know are around town that need a little help I’d help them out,” said Davis.

But if they’re not so lucky it’s not the end of the world

“If it happens it happens if it don’t then keep moving on with life that’s all you can do,” said Davis

The next drawing is Friday, January 15th so if you’re feeling lucky; Kings Court employees encourage you to come and test it with them.

Be sure to watch WCBI News on Friday night 10 to see if your numbers were the lucky ones.

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