Lowndes Sentence Overturned

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – The Mississippi Supreme Court will hear an appeal in a grand larceny case from Lowndes County.

Tyrone Hairston, of Columbus, was convicted of grand larceny in March of 2010 for taking $1,200 from a family member. He was arrested at a local hotel and the money was recovered.

During his trial, Hairston testified he took the money for safe keeping because a family member had passed out while drinking.

The day after he was convicted, prosecutors amended the indictment to include habitual offender status and Hairston was sentenced to 10 years under the amended charge.

In January, the state Court of Appeals said the indictment could not be amended after the guilty verdict was reached and ordered the case back to Lowndes County Circuit Court for another sentencing hearing.


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