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NETTLETON, Miss. – (WCBI) The recent shooting in Newtown Connecticut is prompting local officials and first responders to be ready in a case of emergency.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department and Lee County Deputies were at Nettleton School Friday morning, mapping out a safety plan. The meeting gave authorities the chance to review procedures that would take place a shooter crosses onto campus grounds.

“Well, it is important to have a plan in place in case an intruder or something happens on this campus. People will have a coordinated effort try to help solve the problem,” says Monroe Co. Sheriff Cecil Cantrell.

“What we are doing is coming together to collaborate to better respond to any incident to make such our safety plan is the best it could be for our student,” says Nettelton Superintendent Russell Taylor.

“We just wanted to get together with some local agencies, that are local to us around here. Get them familiar with what our plans are, what we are going to do in the event of a lockdown, and come up with some ideas from the other side of the fence on what could help here,” adds Tim Erickson with the Lee County Sheriff’s Dept.

Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies will be teaching a crisis class to all schools in the county. The first will be Monday in Hatley.

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