March for Ricky Ball Brings Community Together, Asking for Answers

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Tuesday night, over 100 people marched through Columbus to honor and fight for justice for Ricky Ball.

In the middle of the march was a city council meeting where dozens of people asked questions and voiced concerns.

The citizens of Columbus marched for answers in the Ricky Ball investigation, carrying signs, chanting for justice and honoring his memory.

His family knows they will have to wait for the whole truth.

“I know it’s gonna take a little time, that there are procedures to it,” says Ricky Ball’s cousin Earnesto Ball.

But for now, they can’t believe that their cousin pulled a gun on police.

” I really fail to believe that, I can’t believe that because he was shot from behind,” says Ball.

That doubt has left them, and this community in pain.

” I feel angry. I’m really angry. I’m hurt, and it’s heart breaking,” says Ball.

Ernesto says if anything positive can come from his counsin’s death, he’s glad it’s brought the community together.

“Everyone has come together in unity, it’s just been overwhelming, we’ve been getting so much love from the community,” says Ball.

The march ended with a candlelight vigil to send Ricky Ball a message.

“How much we love him, let everyone know, let him know, in case he’s up in heaven looking down, he can see that you do have people that love him. And we’re gonna keep fighting for you, I’m not gonna stop until this is brought to an end,” says Ball.

The march started at Mt. Zion church and ended on 14th street where Ricky Ball was shot.

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