Medical professionals give advice amid coronavirus concerns

With a national emergency declared because of the coronavirus, hospitals are stepping up their message to the public.

There are four main points:

1. Don’t panic. Take precautions, as you would with the flu. However, there’s no need to go stock up on water or paper towels or toilet paper or food.

2. Use good hygiene… Wash you hands, a lot, and use a good alcohol based hand sanitizer.

3. Stay home if you are sick. Do not expose other people to your sickness, whether it be the coronavirus, flu, or strep throat.

4. If you feel sick and have a viable reason to believe you have been exposed to COVID – 19, call your medical provider.

That medical provider will give you instructions on how to be tested. Do not show up and sit in a waiting room at a doctor’s office or emergency room and possibly contaminate other people.

The tests will be sent to the health department to make an official determination.

Medical experts say the main reason events are being canceled is to prevent the spread of the virus over a large number of people.

“The social distancing, that is basically to keep the virus from spreading and that’s to keep hospitals, like ours, from getting overwhelmed by having large amounts, numbers, of people coming in and then hospitals have trouble keeping people in isolation because that’s the big thing we have to isolate people,” Meghan Pratt, BHM-GT marketing director.

A few other tips include avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

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