MHP advises drivers to stay at home unless it is an emergency


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – State troopers have been working accidents all day long.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol is encouraging people to only travel if it is an emergency.

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Road and bridges quickly became sheets of ice today, as freezing rain, snow, and sleet fell.

Traffic was much lighter but there were those who ventured out.

Troop G in Starkville has not reported any injuries in those crashes, as of now.

Troopers remind everyone to be prepared because it could be a while before first responders are able to get to your emergency.

“Stay home and bundle up and be safe in your own residence. But if you do have to get out again, make sure that you winterize your vehicle by checking all your fluids, your tire pressure, and making sure that you have a full tank of gas,” said Sgt. Derrick Beckhom. “In the event that you’re out there, you definitely don’t want to run out of gas. But if you get stranded you might want to be able to let your vehicle run to keep warm if you do get stuck out there.”

You should also carry a blanket and make sure that your cell phone is fully charged.