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Miss. (WCBI) – Teaming up with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the racial reconciliation group Mission Mississippi is changing attitudes about our state one relationship at a time. A wooden cross, a symbol of unity continues traveling throughout our 82 counties in 82 days. Tuesday 37 Central Academy students of Macon with a cross were heading for the Noxubee County Courthouse.

For the teenagers its not an easy road bearing a cross from one county to the next. A cross they would like all Mississippians to carry, even if its just a symbolic gesture of unity peace and forgiveness.

“And we started at the Kemper County line and ran through Noxubee and its going across the country, and it pretty hot out here today,” said Jacob Sellers, Central Academy Sophomore.

“But its about making that trek and keeping up with whats going on. And you know just like this, its going to be always easy. Its going to be hot. But its about keeping up and keeping on with your Christian faith,” said Pam Norris, FCA Sponsor.

By outwardly displaying the cross, these marchers are reminding onlookers of the values we have come to know in the past and are holding onto, hopefully being reminded of keeping for future generations to come.

“Stuff is not based solely on God anymore. Its actions of other people and whatever, but its not, all your decision now- a-days, our government and people and our society is not based on God anymore. Unlike it use to be,” said Steve Lane, Central Academy Senior.

And so as these students and others gaining ground in 82 counties for these 82 days, one step at a time seems to be bringing us a little bit closer to values that make us strong.

“Bringing attention on how far we’ve come into areas of racial segregation. What we’re doing here the whole state of Mississippi, this cross is going around the state. Just to kind of symbolize how far the state has come and the progress that we are continually making,” said Jimmy Gilford, FCA MSU.

“From when it was started, this country was founded on God, the basis of God and its gone away from that,” said Lane.

On Wednesday Noxubee County students will take up the cross and carry it to Lowndes County. The cross is expected to make it back to Jackson by October 27th.

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