Mississippi Attorney General visited with business and community leaders

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch visits with business and community leaders in Columbus today.

Fitch addressed several issues before her office and the State Legislature, including human trafficking and getting an equal pay for women act passed by lawmakers.

But much of the AG’s attention since October has been focused on goings-on in Washington.

That’s where the Supreme Court is discussing the future of Mississippi’s so-called “Heartbeat Law” limiting access to abortions to the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Coupled with the High Court’s discussion of the Mississippi Law is the case’s impact on the Roe v. Wade Decision which has guided abortion law for the past half century.

“We went December the First. We asked the Supreme Court to overturn based onthe Dobbs Case. We probably will receive a decision in late June. That’s the last month of the term of the Supreme Court. So, we expect the decision to be rendered then, and we feel very confident that they will be providing a decision that does say it’s a ‘rule of law’ question, and should e returned to the states.” said Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

Fitch was the guest speaker at the Columbus Rotary Club.

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