Mississippi State University staff and students are preparing for traditional classes in the fall

MSU, Miss. (WCBI)- Mississippi State University will be allowing more in-person opportunities for the fall semester. One year ago, students and staff were faced with adjusting their teaching and learning styles due to COVID-19, but are now most are easing back to some normalcy. Virtual classes work for some, but for others traditional is the way to go leaving; some bulldog students eager to get back in the classroom.

“One thing the university did do they did take their time to wait until things were safe instead of rushing us back into classrooms,” said MSU student Shammond Coleman.

“I feel like a lot of professors took advantage of these online classes because they didn’t really teach some of them just posted stuff and didn’t post any videos trying to explain the work or anything,” said MSU student Tacamrya Edwards.

Some Mississippi State students are glad classes will return to a traditional setting in the fall. Hybrid and virtual learning gave some students a hard time, but others were thrilled about it.

“Having to walk around and try to get to the class especially with the parking situation as it is you know it can take 20-30 minutes just to get to class for as I don’t have to even get out of bed to go to the online class,” said MSU student Alex Felder.

“I’m so used to having online classes now I find them easier to take and going to classes with a lot of people in the classroom is going to be difficult for me to adjust to,” said MSU student Lataisha Doss.

Mississippi State instructors also had a tough time getting their students engaged, but feel that getting back in the classroom will get their attention.

“It was just very very challenging because the technology would break down you were trying to deal with your class just when you think you have it figured out something else happens. I’ve had several students tell me that my class was the only one that they had that was not virtual this semester and how challenging it was for them to go virtual, but in class, they really learned something,” said MSU instructor Johnny Folson.

The university hasn’t made every detail clear, COVID protocols will still be in place in the school’s return to normalcy.  Students and staff said stress played a factor in converting to virtual learning and feel that even though they’re accustomed to traditional learning it will be a challenge to convert back to it.

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