Video: Mississippi’s Rise In Test Scores

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Across the nation, math scores for fourth graders declined, but that wasn’t the case here in Mississippi.

Numbers from the Mississippi department of Education show that Mississippi leads the nation for fourth grade gains on a National Assessment of Educational Progress.

The Magnolia state saw its biggest increase in its math and reading scores.

According to the MDE, Mississippi is the only state in the nation that saw a significant increase in both math and reading scores among fourth graders.

“We really push keeping the kids on grade level especially at an early age because as we found out through statistics, that’s they key to furthering their education,” Choctaw County Superintendent Glen Beard said.

Reading scores jumped by five percent while math scores climbed by four percent.

Teachers at Choctaw Elementary School say making better grades is something the school takes pride in.

“I think the reason that we’ve had a rise in our test scores is because, of our, Choctaw county’s high expectations and requirements that we’ve had in place for several years now,” Ackerman Elementary school teacher Christi Turnipseed said.

Turnipseed said she credits their increased emphasis as a part of the rise in test scores.

“The children have to have an 80 or above in reading and math and they also have to be reading at or above grade level by the end of the year,” she said.

Teachers at the school even told me which learning style works best for the students.

“I think using visuals and hands on learning works best for my students. Giving them something to look at and doing examples with them helps them because they can see how we do it together,” Ackerman Elementary school teacher Kelsey Barnett said.

Choctaw County Superintendent Glen Beard says his school awards its students with prizes for good test scores.

But when it all boils down to it, the key reason for the rise in test scores is simple, good teachers.

“What we’ve learned is, nothing beats good old fashion teaching. When it comes down to it, teachers have to get in there and teach and that’s what they do,” Beard said.

Despite the rise in math and reading scores, Mississippi’s overall scores remains near the bottom tier for each tested subject and grade.

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