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MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A Monroe County Cold Case is closing in on two years without anyone being charged. 52 year old William Phillips went missing in June of 2011 and is believed to have been kidnapped and then murdered. While investigators have a good idea of who did it the evidence is lacking in the case.

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell says, “This is one of the cases that I want to make a top priority case. We have some strong strong suspects.”

William Phillips is believed to have been kidnapped from his home and then murdered in June of 2011. With a number of leads to work, law enforcement believe there is information out there that will lead them to finding Phillips and closing this case. But it’s the evidence that is hard to come by.

Catrell says, “We’ve gathered our evidence, we’ve taken it to the District Attorney and we’ve put it in his hands at this time he has not moved forward.”

In a murder case you can only try a defendant once for that crime, so it’s crucial to get it right the first time.

According to Cantrell, “We feel like we have a good case. A strong case. We do not have a body and we do not have a murder weapon.”

Two vital pieces of hard evidence that would answer some questions about the investigation. Law enforcement believe they know who their killer is thanks to a statement from another suspect involved in the case.

Cantrell says, “We’ve got a couple of places that we’re going to be sending for a weapon that we’re real sure a weapon could be there.”

But for the family, moving on with plenty of questions and no answers has been tough.

A family spokesperson says, “There hasn’t been a day that goes by that they haven’t thought, relived everything, wishing they knew where he was so they can have a burial. It’s been a real tough two years.”

Police and family members know someone out there has information pertaining to the case and they are urging you to come forward and help them find justice for the Phillips family. You can contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department or Crimestoppers.

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