More than 60 autopsies are ahead of Calhoun County case


NORTH MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – Sheriff Greg Pollan says there are more than 60 autopsies scheduled ahead of his case in Calhoun County.

This means there will be a long delay in results.

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Lawmakers did approve six new death investigator positions at the Mississippi Crime Lab.

Those investigators can testify in court when a doctor’s expertise isn’t needed to provide a cause of death testimony.

However, the state still needs medical examiners.

Coroners believe the backlog will only get worse until the state hires more medical examiners at a higher salary.

This backlog is also costing counties more money because many of them are paying to have bodies stored at other locations.

“Yeah, this is a problem we’ve certainly been trying to address. We understand the need for pathologists, medical examiners. We are working with the Department of Public Safety to make that happen,” said Speaker Phillip Gunn, House Speaker, Clinton. “We recognize the need. We’re going to work hard to try to make that happen.”

State House of Representatives Speaker Philip Gunn did not provide specifics on any plan.

One of the state’s pathologists is in Pearl. The other one is on the coast.