Mother Reacts To Controversial Facebook Comment

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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- A Columbus mother is speaking out against a firefighter’s controversial facebook comments about her.

The firefighter resigned and two others and a columbus officer received disciplinary action, but the toddler’s family says that’s not enough.

Terrance Henley is the mother of the 2-year-old boy. When she first heard about firefighter Brad Alexander’s facebook status criticizing her parenting, she couldn’t believe it.

In his facebook status Alexander wrote:

“People never cease to amaze me. Mama yelling oh my baybee my baybee…Hey you stupid a**, where was babyees mama at while your 2 year old was getting hit by a truck. Mama needs to have her guts cut so there won’t be anymore babies. Freeloading ignorant woman.”

-Brad Alexander

“I would’ve never thought a firefighter would do something like that,” says Henley. “How did he figure that I was unfit because I wasn’t there. And then about me crying out my baby, ofcourse I was concerned. He’s my baby.”

Henley says she was not there when her child was hit because she’s still a student at Columbus High School and was in class when the accident occured.

Alexander did apologize for his initial facebook post, stating:

“Hello all, I made a very poor decision on making a comment here the other day. Please let me apologize for my disrespect and stupidity. To all my co-workers who this reflected on, I am deeply sorry.”

-Brad Alexander

Firefighters Derek Estes and Eric Minga, as well as officer Lance Luckey, were all suspended for 30 calendar days for liking the original facebook status. Hanley says that’s not enough and they deserve a harsher punishment.

“They didn’t have to like it. They knew it wasn’t right before they even liked anything about the situation.” Says Henley.

Henley and her family told us the only apology they would accept would be a direct one, not one sent out on a facebook status.

The family also says they think the comment was racist.

The toddler was not seriously hurt and only suffered minor injuries in the accident.


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