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LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- A Columbus mother is speaking out against a firefighter’s controversial facebook comments about her.

The firefighter resigned and two others and a columbus officer received disciplinary action, but the toddler’s family says that’s not enough.

Terrance Henley is the mother of the 2-year-old boy. When she first heard about firefighter Brad Alexander’s facebook status criticizing her parenting, she couldn’t believe it.

In his facebook status Alexander wrote:

“People never cease to amaze me. Mama yelling oh my baybee my baybee…Hey you stupid a**, where was babyees mama at while your 2 year old was getting hit by a truck. Mama needs to have her guts cut so there won’t be anymore babies. Freeloading ignorant woman.”

-Brad Alexander

“I would’ve never thought a firefighter would do something like that,” says Henley. “How did he figure that I was unfit because I wasn’t there. And then about me crying out my baby, ofcourse I was concerned. He’s my baby.”

Henley says she was not there when her child was hit because she’s still a student at Columbus High School and was in class when the accident occured.

Alexander did apologize for his initial facebook post, stating:

“Hello all, I made a very poor decision on making a comment here the other day. Please let me apologize for my disrespect and stupidity. To all my co-workers who this reflected on, I am deeply sorry.”

-Brad Alexander

Firefighters Derek Estes and Eric Minga, as well as officer Lance Luckey, were all suspended for 30 calendar days for liking the original facebook status. Hanley says that’s not enough and they deserve a harsher punishment.

“They didn’t have to like it. They knew it wasn’t right before they even liked anything about the situation.” Says Henley.

Henley and her family told us the only apology they would accept would be a direct one, not one sent out on a facebook status.

The family also says they think the comment was racist.

The toddler was not seriously hurt and only suffered minor injuries in the accident.


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  • Sam

    That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard… Brad Alexander is the least racist person I know. What exactly is the punishment for neglecting a child? How is that not enough punishment for a their opinion?? You do realize they have the right to freedom of speech? Sounds like you need to be praising God that your child is still alive instead of finding fault in someone’s comment that wasn’t even directed at you. In that statement I didn’t see a name given so who is to say he was speaking of you? In my opinion, the only apology you deserve is the one you owe yourself for lack of judgement with whomever was supposedly watching this young boy!!

  • Carol

    Mr. Alexander should not have made those comments on Facebook. He’s apologized for it and that should be the end it, as far as apologizing goes. He also should not have lost his job because of his feelings/opinions. I can only imagine how many times the emergency responders get a call about an injured child that is not being properly supervised.

    As far as the comments being “racist”, is that being said just because he is white and the mother is african american? Aren’t there white mothers out there who fail to supervise their children and who are considered “freeloaders” also?

    My advice to the mother is GROW-UP!!!! Your child is ok and Mr. Alexander has lost his job. What else do you want? Oh, I forgot, you want a personal apology.

    I hope our city government is not trying to make this a race issue. If so, I think they will be surprised to see who is on what side!

  • boatman

    Hey teenage mom!

    ask yourself a couple of questions.

    1 – have you EVER mad a mistake?

    2- have you EVER made ( or had ) a racial thought

    3- with no names being giving, no address being published by him, he verywell could have been talking about me!

  • Renae

    Everyone above has commented and stated that an “apology is enough” and I totally disagree. Since you are not in the situation you may feel as if an apology is enough, but if you were put into that young lady shoes you would feel the same way. Not only was she at school trying to finish her education, she is a MINOR. You would not want and anyone grown or older than your child to make such harsh comments to your minor child. If she gets more out of this case, I am behind her 100%. Being a mother myself, I would want more than just an apology for degraded my minor child the way this man did.

  • Blake

    All I can say is that this fireman losing his job over this is rediculous, he is a trained profesional. A proffesional lifesaver people, he did not treat the child any different due to his race nor did anything in the comment he made specifiy who he was talking about? It is absolutely astounding that they fired a man for having an opinion, true he did not have to vent about it. But think of all the cases they come across where innocent children are the victims because of ignorant Adults/Parents/Parents that are still kids decisions. It takes a toll on them for sure.

    So now because of his social network venting that he did in his private time you are willing to take a trained professional lifesaver off the job because of a poor lapse in personal judgement in a time of extreme frustration? What is this City/State coming too? It will cost the city thousands upon thousands of dollars to replace him, he is not required by law to like the people he saves! He just has to do his job! The city officials should be ashamed of themselves for this and suspending the others for 30 days is a huge injustice! I hope they all get lawyers and show this city that people will not just stand by and be railroaded just cause someone pulls an unjust RACE card!

    This makes me and many others absolutely sick! The only racism here is that of the family towards this fireman, this state is so backwards. You want people to be scared to make any comments or decisions that might offend people of color for fear of losing everything they have worked their entire life for! No one said anything about race until the family decided it was racist and the city does not have the guts to stand behind one of their first responders in a time of poor judgement, but instead puts him out on the street. Just goes to show you that if times get tuff this city/state government will throw you to the wolves and let your name get drug threw the mud until you are made out to be a raging racist before end of business the next day. Get your priorities right people, get over it! People are entitled their own opinions! You do not have to be scared to be non black.

    Last I checked this is a free country with freedom of speech! I am pretty sure thats one of the many things I fought to protect and my friends died for! The late 1960’s are over and done with people! We do not have to be scared to have an opinion just cause it might offend someone of another race?

  • Madeline

    OMG! I can’t believe you guys actually think he was justified in saying that. I’m a white woman and I feel it was racist for the simple fact that I’ve had a similar situation happen to me but I could be wrong. My daughter broke her arm but no one called me ignorant nor questioned my parenting skills. Whose to say that the person in charge of the child/children wasn’t actually watching them. You guys do know that accidents only take a second. Plus a lot of jobs now have enforced a social media policy and says that any negative commenting is punishable. And also it says he resigned which means he quit so it was his choice to leave because he knew his comment was not one of good ethics for a fireman. It is the freedom of speech but it shouldn’t be at the hands of another especially from one whose whole career involves trying to help others of all races. I know he sometimes may see neglect in his line of work but there are people who deal with those situations. If he was so concerned he could’ve easily turned her in and kept his feelings off the internet. No one sees the wrong in what he did and you’re all blaming it on the mom. Are you racist?

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