MSMS Alumni reconnected on the school’s campus this weekend

Every year, former students of Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science gather on MUW's campus for the school's alumni weekend.

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Every year, former students of Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science gather on MUW’s campus for the school’s alumni weekend.

The MSMS Foundation hosts the event allowing alumni to come together and keep up with the school.

This year’s milestones classes were 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014, and 2019.

Lee Katherine Herczogh is a 30-year alumnus. She said these weekends allow her to reconnect with old classmates.

“Seeing classmates is fantastic. cause this is the one place we can all come back to and make a plan for and know that we have to look forward to versus I might be in Atlanta I might be in Dallas and be able to see an alumni and look them up but it’s not the same as coming back and experiencing it on campus, altogether, with your classmates,” Herczogh said.

Sheila Kinder is the manager of the MSMS Foundation. She said it also allows alumni to connect with current students as well.

“MSMS is such a very close-knit community and family. so the students who come through MSMS have such a unique experience that it really bonds them together. and having our alumni come back and interact with our current students so that they can see what’s going on today and our current students can see where our alumni have gone after they left MSMS,” Kinder said.

Five-year alumni Dev Jaiswal is a Princeton graduate. He said MSMS is a special place that helped prepare him for college.

“The thing that I like about MSMS is that it’s a really good place to start. you know, you’re not thrust out into the world just like you know you get a little place to start developing those skills you’re going to need during college, during your first job or second job, um you get that preparation a little bit earlier,” Jaiswal said.

MSMS’ Alumni Weekend takes place every April.

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