Video: MSU Game Day Policies

STARKVILLE, Miss.(WCBI)—It’s that time of year again.

Bull dog Nation is gearing up for it’s first grid iron clash of the season.

But if you are planning on attending any of the home games your going to notice a few changes.

That’s right there are a few new policies in place,

this year, that Mississippi State Fans need to be aware of for home game days.


Event and Facilities Manager, Jay Logan says” We are asking our fans to bring in a clear bag; that is no larger then 12 by 12 by 6. And that will then be able to be permitted into the gates.

Mississippi State has gone to a smoke free campus and so that means there will be no smoking allowed in any of the facilities on campus or any of the grounds. and so we are kind of going at it as clear bag clear air.

But on campus there are mixed feelings about the new policies.

Mckenzie Buchner an MSU student says,” I like the police changes because I feel as if Mississippi State is trying to umm better the security here on campus.”

Nathan Muirhead an MSU student says,”The smoking; I don’t really know about that one; because it’s suppose to be a public university. You should be able to do what you want.”

Joushua Dixon an MSU student says,” I do believe it is an invasion of women’s privacy. Some women do contain belonging that they don’t want everyone to see.”

Now if you do, need to bring in a regular purse or bag into the stadium.

“We do have some designated gates.We understand there could be some items people would bring in a none clear bag or if you happen to forget or not have a clear back with you gates B and I at our football stadium are designated as enhance security and they will have personnel that will screen bags and check those and tag them.

Though the new policies could present challenges at home games.  Logan says the most important thing is,” We want our fans and our students to have a great experience. You know we believe the product on the field; on the court you know any of our student athletes work hard to perform and we want our fans to enjoy that.”
With temperatures in the 90s MSU is going to have extra cooling stations, air condition rest areas, and will be allowing fans to bring in two clear pre-purchased water bottles to the gates. You can also bring re-usable clear water bottle to the gate. refilling stations will be avalible

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