MSU New Maroon campers help incoming freshmen settle in

MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY, Miss. (WCBI)- Hundreds of Freshmen made their way to Mississippi State University’s campus for move-in day Saturday.

Various check-points were set up around the Humphrey Coliseum and throughout campus to help guide the incoming class to their different residence halls.

Coordinators said this year they have over 450 volunteers to help with move-in, Including hundreds of the New Maroon Camp members who also helped out.

“It’s really a mixture. We do have some students groups on campus, a lot of organizations that have student groups, as well as communities within Starkville that have helped volunteer with us,” said staff member Sarah Carpenter.

“It’s our opportunity to help students move into their residence halls and get them settled for the next year,” said staff member Victoria Genovese.

Everyone in New Maroon Camp is actually a Freshman as well.

Students said the camp is a great opportunity to get to know one another, as well as the rest of the Freshmen class.

“Today, we’ve been helping other Freshmen who are moving in today that didn’t come to new maroon camp. We’re using all these big boxes to load their stuff so it’s really helpful. The counselors helped us move in last week and it was great,” said Freshman finance major Matthew Boozer.

Members of the New Maroon Camp have spent the week getting to know one another through various workshops and activities.

“I moved in Sunday and then we had this family Olympics where we were competing against other color groups. Then, we had maroon madness where we all got in a big field and we were getting sprayed with shaving cream and water balloons… It was great,” said Freshman Ally Mayden.

Some of the campers came from as far away as Maryland to attend Mississippi State University.

“A lot of my mom’s side of the family, came down here like her mom, her dad, a couple of her aunts, quite a few of her cousins, and I just thought it was cool to continue the legacy,” said Cooper Daras.

Saturday, the campers focused on moving other classmates into their dorms. Some even helped set up their rooms.

“I’ve met some great people over here through New Maroon Camp, so it was really kind of heartwarming,” said Boozer.

“I came here, and I was kind of by myself, so I’ve made a lot of great friends throughout this, so it’s been great,” said Mayden.

While the new adventure is exciting for most– It’s a little different for others.

“I think my mom was kind of holding it in and then, when we kind of hugged and said goodbye, she started to cry,” said Boozer.

The New Marooners said they’re looking forward to what the school year has in store.

“Taking classes that I’m interested in, meeting new people, that’s a big thing for me,” said Boozer.

“I’m looking forward to the classes. I’m ready to learn more, and then going to games. I love sports,” said Mayden.

“I’m just looking forward to being occupied because I feel like I’ve been very unproductive this summer. Just like sleeping in until eleven. I just like doing stuff with friends. I like going to class. I like doing homework and stuff,” said Daras.

Campers said the friendships made in this last week will last them throughout their college career.

“Definitely. Such awesome people, and we all kind of live close together, so I think it just makes it even easier,” said Daras.

Students said there were over 12 hundred participants in New Maroon Camp this year.

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