MSU Welcomes Six Fulbright Scholars

STARKVILLE, Miss.–Mississippi State is welcoming six new Fulbright scholars this semester who chose the university to study in the fields of engineering, public policy and administration, mathematical sciences and biological sciences.

“We welcome you and are very honored that you have selected Mississippi State to pursue your studies,” said Jerry Gilbert, provost and executive vice president, during a recent luncheon with the new students. The international scholars had the opportunity to meet one another and talk with administrators and faculty members during the informal lunch, as well as share their past experiences in their native countries.

Fulbright is the nation’s flagship international exchange program, established in 1946 under legislation introduced by Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas.

“Having this significant number of Fulbright scholars at MSU brings added prestige to the MSU Graduate School relative to other graduate schools across the country, and increasing the number of graduate Fulbright scholars on campus is part of our strategic plan,” said Lou D’Abramo, dean of the graduate school and associate vice president for academic affairs. “MSU is right up there with other Very High Research Activity institutions,” he added.

The new Fulbright students are:

–Mohammad Al Boni of Syria, a master’s student in computational engineering.

–Job Otieno Bonyo of Kenya, a doctoral student in mathematical sciences.

–Carlos Cabrera of Dominican Republic, a master’s student in animal nutrition.

–Rosanna Carreras de Leon of Dominican Republic, a master’s student in zoology.

–Anara Kozhokanova of Kyrgyzstan, a master’s student in computer science.

–Gina Paola Rico Mendez of Colombia, a doctoral student in public policy and administration.

D’Abramo said these new Fulbright scholars are in addition to those who continue to pursue their studies on campus, including Ibrahim Abdoulahi of Niger; Zadia Codabux of Mauritius; Suha Gharrawi of Iraq; Mohammed Nadeem of Pakistan; and Hok Roth of Cambodia.

In addition to encouraging foreign nationals to study and conduct research in the United States, the program also enables Americans to engage in similar activities abroad. Faculty members also are eligible to participate in the Fulbright program to teach, lecture and conduct research abroad.

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