Mule Day brings a sense of normalcy to the Gordo community

GORDO, Ala. (WCBI) – The beginning of summer means festival season. Across the country, fairs and festivals are finally being held after cancellations last year.

“I love being able to talk to everybody, seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time,” Anna Grace Lindsey, Mule Day vendor and participant, said.

The 33rd annual Mule Day festival is a staple event in the city of Gordo.

Pickens County native, Jennifer Carr, says this family event holds so much value to many in the area.

“I was born and raised here in Pickens County and, um, and I’ve raised my two sons here and their here today,” Carr said. “And when they were little boys, little toddlers, we came every year because they were amazed to watch all the tractors go by.”

The two-day festival had live music, a parade, vendors, fair food, and of course, rides for everyone.

In addition to the festival, local vendors and charities were finally to have community support and engagement.

Anna Grace Lindsey is just one of the many vendors here to raise money for their cause.

“We raise money to help like people with special needs and other cystic fibrosis, try and find a cure for that because Libby, her saying was, ‘I want my life to outlive the breath in my lungs’. So we’re trying to do that the best we can,” Lindsey said.

According to the attendees, because last year’s Mule Day was canceled, this year’s festival is just that much more special to them.

I’m so glad that we’re getting back to some type of normalcy because a year ago, no one would have thought, because everything was so strict, no one would have thought that we’d be able to go out and enjoy a day like this. So, I’m really glad that it is getting back to normal,” Lindsey added.

“Lots of pride. I’m very, very happy and happy to see everybody out and be able to come together as a community again,” Carr said.

Mule Day brings nearly 400 people into Gordo over the two-day event.

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