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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Parents with autistic children are always looking fro new ways to help their child adapt to his or her surroundings.

“Recent statistics for autism provided by the Center of Disease control show that now instead of 1 out of 88 children being autistic, it’s now 1 and 168,” says Lindsey Miller.

With the growing need of autism resources, the Autistic Resource Center at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library is finding new ways to educate parents.

One way they are doing that is by bringing in Mississippi University fro Women student, Jade Burrell to expose parents and children to music therapy.

“She is going to be coming and talking to us today about music therapy really giving the parents a clear definition of what that is and how it can be used with their child,” says Miller.

Since the 1970s, music therapy research has found many ways to benefit not just Autistic children but the elderly as well.

“Music targets several parts of the brain and all different types of the brain at the same time,” says Jade Burrell.

Now, studies show a few tunes can help mental illnesses like autism.

Burrell says her passion for music therapy stemmed from serving others.

“I love helping people. I always caught on really well with psychology and then I discovered music therapy kind of the combination of all the things I’m good at and that I like,” Burrell.

Even though music therapy may not be for every autistic child, Burrell hopes they walk away with at least a new experience.

After Jade graduates she hopes to continue to help others through her music.


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  • Fred Evans

    What a great way to serve others!

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