What you need to know to be prepared for severe weather

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Severe weather is back in the forecast for Thursday, March 25th. Damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes are all possible in our area from lunchtime into the evening.

Fortunately, there are things you can do right now to make sure you are ready before a storm hits. Remember, don’t be scared, just be prepared.

With power outages possible in some locations, keep your cell phone charged and have flashlights nearby. Take some time to bring in any loose objects outside, and don’t forget your pets. As always, remember to check on elderly family members and neighbors.

It’s always a good idea to brush up on your terminology. Remember, a watch means storms are possible over the next few hours. A warning means it’s happening right now in your area and you should take action.

Tornadoes almost never hit without warning, but you’ll need to have a way to get that warning. Weather radios or cell phones are great, as long as they aren’t off or on silent so they can wake you up. Never rely on tornado sirens as your primary way to get alerts. They should only be used for people outdoors.

Otherwise, check in with WCBI Weather on TV or on social media. We’ll be on-air and live streaming online anytime a Tornado Warning is in effect.

If a Tornado Warning is issued for your area, the best place to be is in a basement or storm shelter. If you don’t have that, seek shelter in an interior room, such as a bathroom or closet, on the lowest floor of your home or building. Stay there until the warning is no longer in effect. You may want to take some time to locate the safest place in your home and practice going there with your family.

You should never be in a mobile home or a vehicle during a Tornado Warning. Find a more substantial shelter to go to ahead of time. Storm shelters will usually open anytime a Tornado Watch is issued. If you are in an apartment building or dormitory, seek shelter with a neighbor on the lowest floor of the building.

It’s also important to remember that damaging winds in severe thunderstorms can do just as much damage as tornadoes. You should never be outside or near windows during a severe thunderstorm.

The WCBI Weather team is expecting severe weather on Thursday. For the latest forecast update and information, visit wcbi.com/weather. You can also get info by following WCBI Weather on Facebook and Twitter.

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