Nettleton High School Student Charged With First Degree Murder Of Lee County Man


LEE COUNTY, MISS. (WCBI) – A high school student is charged with murder in connection with a fatal Lee County shooting.

The case began when the Lee County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by NMMC about a gunshot victim who was brought to the hospital in a private vehicle.

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The victim, 21 year old Arlandus Shack, died a short time later. Investigators searched this car, which brought the victim to the hospital, and talked to witnesses. They found out the shooting happened during some sort of altercation, in the vehicle, on County Road 590.

Evidence collected at the scene , inside the car, and away from the crime scene, along with witness statements, led to the arrest of 17 year old Randy Johnson. The Nettleton High School student is charged with first degree murder.

“We believe very confidently we have the one responsible for his death,” said Sheriff Johnson.

The sheriff says the victim and suspect knew each other.

“The only thing we know of is they knew each other fairly well enough to be together, there’s not any indication we have that anyone was forced to get in the car,” Sheriff Johnson said.

Randy Johnson is being held at the Lee County Jail. A judge denied bond for the 17 year old, who is charged as an adult. In Mississippi, a 17 year old who commits a felony with a weapon that would carry prison time for 18 year old, can be charged as an adult.

The victim, Arlandus Shack, was arrested in connection with a Verona murder in 2018 but was not indicted.