‘No-Call’ Violators Pay $45,000

JACKSON, Miss. – Two No Call enforcement cases before the Public Service Commission Tuesday netted settlements totaling $45,000, announced Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley.

The Commission approved the settlements, which arose from 1,394 allegations of violations of the state’s No Call law by defendants including: ISI Alarms, Inc., William Jayson Waller, Elizabeth M. Waller, Kevin Klink, LLC, Power Home Technologies, and Monitronics Security LP.

Co-defendants ISI Alarms, William Jayson Waller, Elizabeth M. Waller and Kevin Kink agreed to pay a total of $25,000 in investigatory costs and expenses incurred by the Commission in exchange for the settlement and release of themselves and Monitronics from the complaints. Separately, Power Home Technologies agreed to pay $20,000 in investigatory costs and expenses for a similar release for itself and Monitronics.

“I hope these actions drive the point home to telemarketers that we intend to protect Mississippians. The Do-Not-Call Law is on the books to protect Mississippians privacy and we intend to enforce it,” Presley said.

Mississippians who wish to add their home telephone number to the No Call list should contact the PSC at 1-800-356-6428 or online at www. psc.state.ms.us/nocall.

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