Noxubee County leaders react to news of lawsuit against county, former sheriff

NOXUBEE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – County leaders just learned about the lawsuit.

The shocking details have many around Macon mortified.

Shocked, ashamed, mad, and curious. That was how some in Noxubee County described hearing the news on Tuesday.

Now, county leaders are ready to find out the truth and learning what’s next.

“It makes our county look real bad whether any of it is true or not it’s just bad news for our county,” said Noxubee County Board of Supervisors president Eddie Coleman.

Coleman said he and other supervisors are concerned about the claims made against the county in Elizabeth Reed’s lawsuit.

“To even have some have a chance to be true like that but I don’t know what happened or anything about it,” said Coleman.

County leaders said they’re embarrassed and concerned for those allegedly involved.

“I feel really bad for the Reed family and the accused family. I don’t know who is wrong or right. I feel sorry for if she’s a victim of this my heart goes out to her and family. And the accusers, their families and the ridicule they’re going to have to go through until we get to the bottom of this because what we stand for is fairness and justice for all,” said District 5 supervisor Bruce Books.

Brooks said regardless of what happened between Reed, Grassaree, Phillips, and Clark it’s up to county leaders to keep people safe, even those behind bars.

“When we made the new investment in building the new jail, we did that to protect our citizens. To give them fair treatment, and if that is not being done, then we are going to have to revisit that to make sure all policies are put in place to protect our people who are incarcerated,” said Brooks.

But for now, all board members can do is wait.

“All we’re going to do is send it to our insurance company. That’s all we can do at this point,” said Coleman.

“At our next board meeting we gone discuss it with our attorney and get some directions from there,” said Brooks.

Reed’s attorney was unavailable for comment on Tuesday.

Sources told WCBI that the FBI is investigating the claims.

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