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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – A protest against the re-election of President Barack Obama got out of hand at the University of Mississippi, and officials say racial slurs were tossed in a crowd that grew to about 400 students after rumors spread that a riot had broken out.

Two arrests were reported but university officials say there were no injuries or property damage.

A university spokesman says the gathering began after midnight with 30 to 40 students protesting Obama’s re-election but quickly grew. Rumors exploded on Twitter after student journalists posted a video calling the gathering a riot.

Chancellor Dan Jones on Wednesday condemned the disturbance, saying most students and faculty are “ashamed” of the actions of a few.[bitsontherun FjnUUICX]

He said inaccurate comments and photos posted on social media sites don’t match police observations.



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  • Andy

    If one of my children were attending Ole Miss, I would bring them home especially if they were involved in any sports. They are helping the university make a large sum of money and the appreciation is not shown.

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