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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – For rehab or recreation, the pool is the perfect place to be during the month of July.

Whether you are a child, who needs to learn or how to swim, or a senior, looking to exercise your aching joints, the water has a wide world of wonderful benefits.

If Summer has a sound, this is it.

Learning to swim is a matter of safety.

Lessons are taught most Summer days at the Oktibbeha County Hospital Wellness Connection.

Jorine Neal’s little girl is taking lessons.

She says, ” This is her second session, and she is definitely more comfortable in the water, so we are excited.”

Mom of four, Sal Keith adds, ” When we travel to visit family, there is always a hotel with a pool, and now that there are 4, I really need the older ones to be safe in the water.”

In addition to helping the little ones, the freshly renovated facility features at least one lane that’s always dedicated to lap swimming, and two additional pools for aquatic therapy.

Dr. Joe Nickels, a Physical Therapist advises, ” It increases exercise tolerance for people who have knee pain and hip pain, and different joints that bother them, because you are lighter in the water.”

Along with a thorough replastering, renovations include a state of the art stereo and a new ventilation system.

If you’ve ever been in a natatorium, you know stifling humidity, but the air is refreshingly dry here.

Eddie Myles is the Director of the OCH Wellness Center.

He explains, ” That is a big plus for us, help filtering the air. It’s a lot cooler in there for those who teach from the deck.”

Dr. Nickels adds, ” We’ve got classes going on all the time. We have a great group of trainers, who offer classes throughout the day, that stay pretty full, and we have different therapists that use it, all the time, with different patients, and we feel that we get a lot of good out of it.”

And if you’re already feeling pretty good, swimming is great exercise.

Eddie says, ” With the addition of a pool, we have the ability to cross-train in the water and on land, and those who are getting ready for a triathlon and stuff like that, it’s good training ground.”

So if you are looking to hit the water this Summer, OCH might have just the thing.

Eddie Myles made sure to tell us that the OCH Wellness Center has waived its registration fee for the month of July.

You will, however, still have to pay the standard monthly rate.

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